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Hello and Welcome

Welcome to a little place along the side of the busy highway called the world-wide-web. For a little over a year Milepost 28 has been a place where some of the best lighting tools on the planet were available. Lights by the world famous PK who started PK Design Lab after parting ways with SureFire a few years ago. The forward thinking provided by his offerings are still some of the worlds most potent lights in an ever changing world of flashlight technology. The value of those items made in a world class facility a few at a time is still a cut above the competition. 

Milepost 28 will be adding hand made creations as 2018 progresses. One of a kind, few of a kind and custom order items by Christine's Creations are being added to the catalog. 

Also with each order of a PK Design Lab item, a special item will be included. Items made by Christine's Creations such as logo clad mouse pads, key chains and coasters. 

We still support the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and encourage visitors to check out chriskylefrogfoundation.org to learn what what they are all about. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

Thank you veterans and first responders

T-shirt with a PRX purchase

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