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Thank you for visiting the little roadside e-store called Milepost 28. Here is your one stop source for the latest designs of the Modern Militant himself. Many are aware that PK left SureFire yet are unaware of his current where-abouts. Well folks, he started PK Design Lab and now has his own lineup of top notch, forward thinking lighting tools. 

Milepost 28 was created to pass along those tools to customers across the globe who seek to acquire more than just some ordinary flashlight. The products being offered here are cutting edge technology that matters. Rugged items which provide reliability along with consistant output. And as with designs of PK's previous venture the art of self defense is deployed.

PK's products are designed and built "For Cultivated Expectations". These days too many companies try to coax customers into believing the word cheap and the word value mean the same thing. PK Design Lab and Milepost 28 strive to reintroduce real value at a fair price. 

So please stop in and check out what PK has been up to lately by clicking on the menu bar and browsing the catalog. You will not find a humongous selection of items yet as PK Design Lab has just begun to build momentum. What you will see are illumination tools designed by one of the greatest minds to ever concieve what can be done with the flashlight when life or death may be part of the decision to buy one. 

There will be other items added at times. Unique items, hand made products and at times limited edition or one of a kind offerings just like you'd find at a road side establishment on the outskirts of a typical concrete jungle. 

Thank you veterans and first responders

the Santa Sale

Proudly supporting the CKFF

Each light sold here generates a matched donation to chriskylefrogfoundation.org. The PRX lights generate a matched $3 contribution. A matched $2 contribution occurs for the others in the lineup.  

Please take a moment to visit their site to learn what they are all about. While there stop by the store where you'll find a wide selection of items made by top manufacturers. Proceeds from products purchased at chriskylefrogfoundation.org go to help out those who help keep us safe. 

T-shirt with a PRX purchase