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The point of this post is to thank a man who gave his life for others. Part of the Milepost 28 creed is acknowledging the sacrifice others have made for our well-being. 

In this case I'd like to thank Jesus Christ. Scholars throughout history have acknowledged that a man from Nazarene named Jesus walked the earth reportedly for some 33 years. The Romans used his life to indicate when history began. BC, AD and all that. Most religious texts mention the great teacher, and some called him a prophet.

Not trying to bring religion into this, nor give an impression agree with my views or be damned. In America we have freedom of religion, which can be seen as freedom FROM religion as well. Cool! Agree or disagree, it's a right given by the American Constitution. Many other countries state "our way or death". That's too bad. Folks are being killed for being a Budhist or a Baptist. Many times "in the name of God". I remember as a lad see-ing news footage of religious temples being destroyed in the name of religion. I remember asking my mother how come those people were killing each other over religion. Her response was they believe it's the right thing to do. 

To many Jesus was "the Christ"... God in the flesh. According to scripture, way back when he was tortured and killed for calling himself the Son of God. The Romans placed a sign over his head as he hanged from a cross calling him King of the Jews.

Me, I believe he was placed here as a way of helping people live more peaceful lives by teaching basic truths that if followed do result in a peaceful life. One where the simple pleasures are placed above the rat-race of a society whose sole purpose in many instances is to create wealth for themselves at the expense of others. And that he was God in the flesh, sent as a sacrifice to atone for our misdeeds. 

So if you believe in Jesus as a Savior, think he was just some guy walking around preaching, or never existed at all I'm cool with that. But me personnaly, I'd like to say "Thank You Jesus" on this fine spring afternoon. 

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