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HAPPY EASTER aaaah-choo!!

In a word... Pollen sucks. Yet like so many things in life we need pollen. Pollen is life to a host of mother natures bounty. And when you wash it off your car or truck it makes that vehicle look sensational!

Winter has turned to spring and with it the return of bright green stuff everywhere, leaves, grass, flowers... along with it lots of birds chirping and outdoor activities. It's a great time of year to carry the jacket you wore in the morning over your shoulder in the afternoon as mild days become the norm. 

It's also a great time of year to fire up that grill and have a barbecue with family and loved ones to celebrate Easter. Now some don't let a little cold air stop them from grilling all winter, but for many this weekend is the official kick-off of grilling season. 

Now with the days not so long like those of summer, a flashlight will probably be very handy while you put away lawn furniture and show your exiting guests cracks in the sidewalk to watch for. Milepost 28 has you covered with some of the best illumination tools available on planet earth, regardless of time of year. So please check out the items available. 

Thanks for stopping in. 

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