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Hello from Milepost 28

My first blog post ever.

What to write? Hmmm.

Why the name Milepost 28? I met my beautiful wife in a sleepy little town that time forgot located on the outskirts of a massive concrete jungle, at mile marker 28 of an interstate no different than most. Yet that little town that time forgot was host to a military base of part time heroes who gladly served their country when needed. I also met numerous police officers there who'd stop in a local convenience store for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat away from the hustle and bustle of their daily duties. 

When PK bestowed the honor of being one of his dealers onto yours truely the initial goal was to come up with a name. So the idea being to provide products to enhance the security of military personnel and law officers was considered along with the notion of giving back some to those who provide security to the rest of us eventually led to one day see-ing a billboard for a hotel located at mile post "x".  

Bingo! A name was born. 

28 being my favorite number for a variety of reasons including the spot I met my wife, the name was tossed around to friends and family who all said "yeah, it's like a name of a place time forgot". 

And so there ya have it. Thanks for reading. 


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