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PK designed generic lanterns

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Available in limited supply are the plastic lanterns PK designed with an infinitley adjustable ouput from 20-260 lumens in a medium jar candle sized platform. Powered by a pair of 18650 fuel cells for 4400 mAh these lanterns double as a USB powerbank. 

On high output you get about 8 hours of regulated output. At 50% you get 21 hours and at 20% (approx 52 lumens) an amazing 102 hours of tent lighting, mosquito repelling, fishing pole lighting, ambient output with a unique sliding reflector to block about 60° of the circular beam. 

Output voltage is 5vdc 500-600mA and input is 4.2vdc 500-1000 mA. They weigh 395 grams (13.95 oz) with batteries. Comes with a 0.5m (18") USB/micro USB cord. 

If desired this lantern and a powerbank can feed each other for untold amount of runtime for bunkers, power a celphone in emergencies or light a small room several nights in power outage scenarios. Red light means charging, green light means charged.